Glamping Peru Treks provides the most lush and extravagant camping experience in the Andes. Sleep in crisp linen sheets, with a warm cover and pillows, accompanied by 2 robes (silk and cotton) and a cozy pair of sleepers. Our 4 person Eureka Copper Canyon tent only sleeps a maximum of 2 people. We serve meals of the highest standard, prepared with the best quality local and international ingredients, accompanied by a wide selection of beverages.

Every trek comes with a private chef, chef´s assistant and waiter. We provide a private communal
style dining tent, to catch up on the day’s events and build some comradery with your fellow travelers. Eureka Copper Canyon, King camp KC 2808 chairs. You will dine with porcelain or ceramic crockery, glassware and unique stone or wood plates.

Join us for a luxurious outdoor experience like no other.