Why Glamping Peru Treks

Extraordinary life experience

Renew, refresh and reconnect with life. Discover new ways to see the world. Experience the magic that encompasses this region. We have compiled itineraries that takes into consideration our valued clients´ needs and values. Glamping Peru incorporates adventure, luxury and flexibility in all our tours and treks. We always put you our clients first.

Reconnect with nature

We have redefined luxury . It´s now synonymous with the great outdoors. Allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains and our Cusco region. Encouraging physical and mental well being by connecting you with mother nature (pachamama).

Profound local experience

We want to share the essence of our region. Whether that is by sampling our local cuisine, discovering our unique sites or learning about our rich history and folklore. Our immersive experience will enable you to submerge yourself into different local cultures. Our travel experts will show you the undiscovered and less traveled hidden gems of the Cusco region. They are always available to you with their knowledge and local advice.

Guaranteed best quality

We are committed to fulfilling the highest possible international standards for service, security and safety. Our guides, field and office staff undergo regular training courses because they are first contact with our clients. They also try to ensure the safety and security of our clients as far as its reasonably possible.

100% Guaranteed departures

All of our departures are guaranteed. Once the trip has been reserved and paid for, we will guarantee your trip.

We will not under any circumstances cancel your trip. The only reason your travel could be postponed would be due to issues of public security or weather conditions.

We are connected worldwide!

We form part of a global community of travellers. The owner is well traveled and is aware of the challenges and problems most travellers encounter. Intergrating different and local cultures, whatever we come across is important to us. We try to achieve this by mutually respecting our differences, similarities and sharing a part of what makes us who we are. We have a social commitment policy and encourage our cultural differences to shine in order to build a deeper connection with each other.

Responsible travel

We aim to have a positive impact in all the areas that we visit. Through our training sessions and social projects, we empower women, indigenous communities and children. We are committed to working in a way that is socially and environmentally conscious with the aim of promoting a positive change.

Available 24/7

Wherever you are, whatever you need and whenever you need us, we are always here for you. We are avaialble 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Don´t hesitate, contact us now.