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Glamping Peru is the only tour operator with its own scenic trekking route, off the beaten path, through the Lares Valley. Camp in style along this incredibly picturesque route! You pass through the most isolated indigenous communities which are keeping the Inca culture alive, and have the privilege to interact with them. Our own unique route is incredibly beautiful, with majestic glaciers, shockingly blue glacial lakes, waterfalls, llamas, and alpacas. We are the only tour operator that includes the Pisac Inca ruins with a luxurious camping experience on the Lares Trek to Machu Picchu — no one has a better deal than Glamping Peru Treks for this hike!


All Treks & Tours will be OPERATED by Sam Travel Peru

All Treks & Tours will be OPERATED by SAM Travel Peru staff and professional guides. What that means for you is that SAM Travel Peru will never pass you onto another company or 3rd Party; we will work with you until we get it right…. All the departures are 100% guaranteed – If you are booked and have made your deposit. ! You are going!

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