Our Glamping Peru Treks team is made up of highly professional and extensively trained staff, with many years in the service industry. Our office staff handles every detail of your trip with absolute precision.  Our guide will look after your needs and comfort, share their knowledge of Inca culture and history, while keeping you entertained. They will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. Our world class chefs and their support team are there to give you a five-star dining experience, a culinary experience like no other that entails a mix of local and international cuisine. Lastly, but certainly not least, our porters and horsemen do everything on our treks that make the trips look effortless. They are the most humble and hardworking people you will encounter.

The combined talents and dedication of each and every person in all our departments ensures a transformative vacation for our valued clients. 

Glamping Peru Treks is the child of the highly successful and well-established Sam travel.