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Max. Altitude
4450 m.s.n.m
Group Size
$ 2197 USD
Physical Level

THE INCA QUARRY TRAIL TREK IS BETTER WITH SAM TRAVEL THAN WITH OTHERS! Our specialization is in trekking, “off the beaten track.” Inca Quarry Trail Trek is a personally designed and unique trek taking you to remote and rarely visited Inca ruins. You’ll negotiate cascading waterfalls, view wild panoramic landscapes, ancient Inka aqueducts, and take yourself back in time to the Inca stonemason’s unmatched masterpieces. If you are swayed by the sophisticated techniques hidden in these walls, then visit the old Inca quarry from where the Incas carved the rocks to build the important Ollantaytambo Inca city, the star gate to Machu Picchu. Take time to explore the living Inca city of Ollantaytambo and hike up to the dusted remnants of the old Inca hillside storehouses. Then all aboard the most scenic train to Aguas Calientes and bathing in an all-natural hot springs. On your final day, will be the long awaited tour to explore and experience the masterful energy center of the spiritual world of Machu Picchu with our professional guide!


  • Expert guides

    All of our guides are experts in trekking and hold degrees related to tourism. They are passionate about their career and love to show others about their culture!

  • Small Groups & Big Adventures

    We specialize in providing our treks and tours with small groups. It helps create a more unique and personalized experience!

  • Our Experience

    We have more than 6 years experience, in providing high quality service. We are considered one of the few operators that most clients trust.

  • Fantastic meals

    All of our chefs prepare gourmet meals catering to different dietary needs. This sets us apart from other companies.


  • Environmental Sensitivity

    As one of the few tour operators that dedicated itself to social responsibility. We are always looking for innovative ways of caring for our natural surroundings.

  • Camping Equipment

    Our camping equipment is top of the line being replaced when needed. Our camping equipment is available for rent as well.