7 Days Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu

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Overview of this tours

We have the best 7-day combo package for exploring the Sacred Valley, hiking the 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and enjoying the Rainbow Mountain Trek.

Start your journey exploring the historical and UNESCO world heritage site city of Cusco at your leisure. Follow that with a unique and comprehensive tour of the heart of the Incas, the Sacred Valley. The valley stretches from Pisac to Ollantaytambo.

Ollantaytambo is the gateway to KM82, the trailhead to the famous Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail is one of the best hikes in the world for its exquisite natural beauty and different ecological niches ranging from high deserts to tropical forests. During their epoch, the Incas created a vast network of roads that go throughout the Andes from Argentina to Colombia and from the coast to the Amazon rainforest. The 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most important section of that trail system, which takes you from the Andes to the Amazon.

To end the trip of a lifetime. You venture to the extraordinary Rainbow Mountain with many vibrant colors like turquoise, lavender, orange, gold and many more. Its currently the second most visited site in Peru after Machu Picchu. Nestled in the Andes mountains in the South Valley of Cusco, with spectacular views of the snow-capped Ausangate Mountain. You get to reach the highest elevation of your journey so far, reaching heights of 5 020 m/17 060ft.

This is by far the most exhaustive package out there; you get to explore all the important and famous sites in Southern Peru in style and luxury.


Trekking, Natural landmarks sightseeing, Cultural, religious and historic sites, Camping & Art and architecture


Private Guide, Driver, Trip Managing Expert

Activity Level



Minimum 2 people

Detailed Itinerary

Upon your arrival in Cusco, you will be greeted by our representative and transferred to your hotelThere you will receive a short briefing and then have the rest of the morning for resting and acclimatizingIn the afternoon, there will be time to explore Cusco by yourself, enjoying the sights of the capital city of the Incas, and the indigenous and colonial heritages at your leisure. Experience the mix of traditional and modern that this great city has to offer. At night, experience Cusco’s nightlife and sample some of its cuisine at the many traditional Peruvian restaurants.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • 4* Accommodation: Costa del Sol Ramada, Casa Andina Private Collection or Novotel  Hotels
  • 5* Accommodation: Aranwa Hotel or Palacio del Inca
  • Recommendations: We highly recommend walking around the main plaza and visit the San Pedro Market.

We start this beautiful day at 7:30am, when your guide picks you up at your Cusco hotel in our private van. Our route to the Sacred Valley of the Incas leads us towards Pisac. We stop at the Mirador of Taray to enjoy an expansive view of the Urubamba valley and its traditional farming villages. You will see how little the agriculture in the Sacred Valley has changed in the past five hundred years.

Onward, we drive to the archeological site of Pisac, where you can see an impressive Inca cemetery with more than 2,000 tombs. There, we can admire the carefully engineered farming terraces carved into the mountain, explore the Inca tunnel and the religious area of this important citadel. Here, we will spend about 2 hours, exploring the Inca city. Then, we head down to the colorful market of Pisac, spend about 20 minutes visiting it and afterwards drive to Urubamba for lunch.


Our next stop is the archeological site of Moray also known as “The Greenhouse of the Incas” a deep basin of architectural wonder. Levels of terraces are carved into a huge bowl, which was carefully engineered by the Incas. The terraces have varied microclimates depending on how deep into the bowl they are placed.  Archeologists believe that they were used by the Incas to discover the optimal growing conditions for their crops and experiment in hybridization.


Continuing on our journey to the colonial town of Maras, we look down onto the “pre-Inca salt mines,” called Salineras in Spanish. Thousands of salt pans have been passed down through countless generations and used for salt extraction since before Inca times. A hot spring at the top of the valley discharges a small stream of heavily salt laden water, which is diverted into salt pans and evaporated to produce salt. This is one of the few places in the world where you can find naturally pink salt!


Finally, we drive to Ollantaytambo, taking the time to explore the Inca village that has remained intact since Inca times and the massive Inca Ruins, with a tour provided by our guide. Visit the massive architecture of the Sun Temple at the top of the formidable terraces and learn about the importance of this site for the Inca during the beginning of the Spanish conquest. Here you spend the night at your hotel in Ollantaytambo, ready to start the Inca Trail the next day.

  • 5* Accommodations: Aranwa hotel
  • Meals included: Breakfast (at your hotel), Lunch, Private Van has non- alcoholic cold drinks at your disposal and dinner
  • Difficulty: Easy

Today, begins your adventure of a lifetime, the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu!

We will pick you up from your hotel in our private van at 6:00am.  From there, we travel to Piskacucho, which is called kilometer 82, where the Classic Inca Trail begins.

Upon arrival at kilometer 82 at about 8:30am, we will have some time to organize ourselves, use the restrooms, apply sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. At the Inca Trail´s first control point, be ready to show your entrance tickets, passports and (if paying a student rate) your student card.

At the start of the trail (2,720m/8,923ft), we cross the Vilcanota River and follow its route to the right. The first day is relatively easy, a warm-up along the Inca flat terrain.  There are great views of the Incan Fortress (‘Huillca Raccay’), the vast and incredible Inca site of Llactapata, (officially called ‘Patallacta’), the Urubamba mountain range that divides the jungle, the Andes Mountains, and the beautiful snow-capped peak of ‘W’akay Willca’ (5860m/19225ft) known in books as Veronica. During the day, we will enjoy spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains Veronica, (5,860m/19,337ft), the lush green valley around us and a myriad of flora and fauna.

Our first campsite (Ayapata) is an hour and a half up to the small village of Wayllabamba (3,000m/9,842ft) in the temperate green valley of the same name. Temperatures at night are around 5ºC depending on the month. At camp you be welcomed with afternoon tea, with carefully prepared snacks. After having time to refresh for dinner, your chef will havea delactible dinner waiting for you, served with a nice local beer/ Pisco sour (local cocktail) or local wine. Also to accompany your meal is a local non-alcoholic beverage.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, afternoon tea, beverages and dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping facilities
  • Distance: 12kms/7.5mls (6 hours more or less of hiking)
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

After waking up at 5 to 5:30am and enjoying a hot breakfast, we start a steep ascent towards the highest pass, Abra de Warrmihuañusca or ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ at (4,200m/13,779ft).  On this day, you will feel a real sense of achievement upon reaching the top! After a well-deserved rest, we begin the descent to where we stop for lunch, which is located at Pacaymayu (3,550m/11,646ft).

On our way up to the pass, we will be able to see an array of hummingbirds and a combination of other species of bird life. There will be plenty of time to appreciate the incredible variety of native plants and the ´Polylepis´ or Q’ueuña trees which grow in the astonishing cloud forest located at (3,650m/11,972ft)!

After lunch, begins the second two-hour steep climb to Runkuraqay pass (almost 4,000m/13,123ft). We arrive at our campsite by 5 pm. Temperatures at this campsite are around 4ºC during the night.

At camp your afternoon tea and dinner will be served with all the bells and whistles. Your porter will have your tent set up with 2 robes (silk and cotton), comfy sleepers, crisp white bed linen and refreshments.

This is the toughest day of day if hiking, so make use of the inhouse masseuse, that will be with you for the first 3 days of your Classic Inca Trail.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, beverages and dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping facilities
  • Distance: 16kms/10mls (9 hours more or less of hiking time)
  • Difficulty: Moderate/challenge

This is the most impressive day so far; keep this in mind as you ascend on day three! We wake up for breakfast at 6am and start the day with a gentle climb to visit the archaeological site of ‘Phuyupatamarca’ (meaning ‘Town in the Clouds’).  Here, we reach the third highest point on the Inca trail (3,680m/12,073ft). The views of the mountains, canyons and surrounding areas are spectacular!

The Inca site of ‘Phuyupatamarca’, is located a few minutes’ walk from the third pass.  After visiting this site, we continue walking down 3,000 stairs through the cloud forest to the impressive agricultural Incan site of ‘Intipata. After taking some time to visit this site, we continue on until we arrive at our third campsite Wiñay Wayna. (2680m/8792ft). Today, we will only walk about 4 to 5 hours.  We arrive at camp by lunchtime!  Temperatures during the night are about 12º C.

A short walk from our campsite, is the famous Incan site of  ‘Wiñay Wayna’ (‘Forever Young’). Even if you are feeling tired after your day’s trek, its a moment you cannot miss, the most impressive site on the Inca trail.

At camp you will be met with the same level of pulence and luxury and you can stretch those aching muscles in a nice hot shower.

  • Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, beverages and dinner
  • Accommodation: Camping facilities and hot showers
  • Distance: 10kms/6.2mls (5 hours more or less of hiking)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

At around 4:00am, it’s time to wake up, have breakfast and start day 4 on the Inca trail to get to Machu Picchu on time. This is the final part of your journey, arriving by 6:00am to reach The Sun Gate. At that point, the majestic Machu Picchu Citadel is in front of us with its intense beauty – an incredible sight for all to see. The reality of what the Inca people must have encountered on their taxing journey to this expansive temple of Machu Picchu. At this point, we walk downhill towards the Machu Picchu Citadel. (2,400m/7,872 ft.) After walking for 40 minutes, we enter the citadel from the top through the “House of the Guardians”, where you can take the famous postcard pictures of Machu Picchu. From there we proceed to the control point where we register and leave our belongings.

Your guide will give you a fully guided tour and educate you about the history of the ruins which takes about two hours. You will see most of the important parts of Machu Picchu and learn about how Machu Picchu is divided into three sectors: agricultural, residential and religious.

After your tour, those who have booked in advance for the extra hike up Huayna Picchu will have time to enjoy those views on their own. When you have had your fill of the exceptional views of Machu Picchu, you will take the bus back down to Aguas Calientes for lunch. Depending on your train departure time, you may also have time for some shopping, sightseeing or a visit to the museum or hot springs.

You will descend towards Aguas Calientes by bus and board the Vistadome train which departs at 4:22pm to the Ollantaytambo Train Station. Finally we transfer you by private van back to your hotel in Cusco scheduled to arrive at around 8:30pm.

  • Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Distance: 6kms/3.7mls
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • 4* Accommodations: Costa del Sol Ramada, Casa Andina Private Collection or Novotel Hotels
  • 5* Accommodation: Aranwa Hotel or Palacio del Inca


  •  On the 4 day Inca Trail, we will be doing circuit #3 and there is no way to do another circuit unless you buy an additional entrance to Machu Picchu.
  • Early trains can be organized on request and it has to be done at booking time.

We will pick you up from your hotel at 4am, and begin with our amazing Rainbow Mountain Trek Adventure.  After, we set out on our drive for 3 hours through the South Valley; ending up at the trailhead at Llacto (4,638m / 15,216 ft).  We stop at the trailhead for a delicious hot breakfast prepared by our cook. Along the way, there are amazing views of farming Inca terraces, traditional villages, and high Andean peaks.

The herds of alpacas and llamas near your breakfast place will entertain you in the early morning. Once we reach the trailhead, we start on our hike following a lovely stream. As you start your hike, you will have views of the Ausangate Mountain and glaciers. You can interact with the local people, who are still keeping traditional Quechua culture aliveLearn about their traditional clothes and the significance of the different hats worn by the men. Ask your guide to teach you a few words of Quechua!

After a total hike of 1.5 hours, we finally reach our destination: the Rainbow Mountain (5,020m /16,466ft). After admiring the unique beauty, you will have time to explore the area. You can take pictures or just soak up the view. We will spend approximately 30 minutes at the top. Afterwards, there is an optional hike across to the top of the Red Valley.  This walk takes about 45 minutes longer to get back to the trailhead.

At this point, we hike back down the way we came. The hike takes 1 hour, then we enjoy our lunch which will be prepared by our cook.

We will embark on the 3-hour drive back to Cusco and drop you off at your Cusco hotelarriving around 5:00pm.

Then you can take your flight back home by the early evening.

  • Meals included: hot breakfast & lunch
  • Difficulty: moderate to challenging

Additional Packages Information


“The 7 days Inca Trail to Machu Picchu its available on any date that its best for you as long as we have a minimum of 2 people”

  • Best price without accommodation: US$3577 per person
  • Best price with 4* hotels: UD$3897per person
  • Best price with 5* Hotel: US$3999


  • Also included is luxurious Vistadome Train from Aguas Calientes.
  • Entrance tickets : Boleto Turisto, Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley

***This price includes the extra porter who will carry your belongings up to 8 kilos along the Inca Trail and an inhouse masseuse, that will be with you for the first 3 days of your Classic Inca Trail . We will also provide you with a duffel bag.


  • Under 18 years old: $30 USD. Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
  • Under 12 years old: $40 USD.  Please send us a copy of your passport at the time of booking.
  • Group of 5 or more: $30 USD. All you need is to book the trek together at the same time.


  • Hiking poles: $15 USD for the whole trek.
  • Huayna Picchu Mountain: $85 USD

**Huayna Picchu Mountain is an optional trek within Machu Picchu Citadel which does not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour.


A hand-crafted and fully personalized Premium Package from start to finish.

  • Briefing: We give you all the information needed in order for you to have a pleasant trek with very little surprises. The best part is that we will conduct your briefing in the comfort of your hotel.
  • Duffel bag:  During your briefing we provide a duffel bag for you to pack your clothing and other necessities for the trek. The porters will carry your duffel bag and you will only have excess to it at the end of each trekking day. We recommend that you carry a 30L backpack for your daily personal belongings such as a warm jacket, a rain jacket, your camera, sunscreen, snacks, water, etc.
  • First aid and Emergency Oxygen Tank: Your safety is our number one priority. For this reason, our guides are CPR and First Aid trained annually by the Fire department or Red Cross. If you get one of the worst symptoms for altitude sickness which is loss of oxygen, we do carry an oxygen tank so you can get immediate assistance. We are also prepared for minor injuries on the trek, we administer quick and effective treatment, so you can continue with your trekking.
  • Satellite phone: We use a Satellite phone on all our treks that are 3 days or more. Each guide carries a phone that is fully charged and ready to use. In extreme cases, whereby you experience serious health issues, we can call emergency services immediately. We get you to the nearest town for medical assistance or transportation.  If your condition is urgent and you need to be airlifted to a hospital, this can also be arranged. The trekker is liable for all medical costs incurred, including the airlift (travel insurance is essential).  On the lighter side. Our satellite phone can be used to touch base at home or to give a loud shout from the top of the Andes.  All personal calls will cost you US$2.00 per minute.
  • Door to door service: The day of your trek we will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco. On return we will drop off at your hotel in Cusco.
  • Separated private transportation: Our staff members and camping equipment travel in a separate van. You, your guide and fellow travelers travel in total peace and privacy.
  • Bus tickets and Train Tickets: After your privately guided tour of Machu Picchu, we include a bus ticket to the nearby town of Aguas Calientes, to catch the Train to Ollantaytambo. Glamping Peru also includes the spectacular Vistadome train with leather seats designed to conform to your body. This train has the best views of valley, mountains and river decorating the landscape as you make your way back to Ollantaytambo.
  • Entrance Tickets into Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail: As soon as you confirm your booking and pay the deposit, we purchase your permit into the Inca Trail and your entrance ticket into Machu Picchu. These tickets sell out very fast. Our super team behind the laptops ensure that all tickets and permits are purchased timeously and you don’t miss out on your great adventure. The personal information you give us has to be 100% accurate because even our awesome team won´t be able help edit details once they have purchased the tickets on your behalf and there are absolutely no refunds on the tickets.
  • Boleto Turistico Ticket : This ticket is required for entrance into historical and archeological sites along the Sacred Valley. Click on the following link for more information: Boleto Turistico
  • Professional Bilingual Guide: You will have a guide that is highly professional, experienced and fluent in English throughout the trek. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about Inca heritage and history. You will get a two hour fully guided tour of Machu PicchuOur guides dedicate themselves to continuous professional development and growth to ensure that you receive accurate and recognized theories about Inca and Andean culture. They are fun loving, great sportsmen and well–educated, they hold a degree in at least one of the following: Archaeology, Tourism, Botany, History or Anthropology.
  • Porters: Fully trained porters hailing from local communities to carry the main luggage (all the equipment and cooking stock). The porters also set up camp for you, in beautiful, secluded campsite, without too much traffic.
  • Extra Private porter: Our treks are fully portered. What that means is that you get an extra personal porter to carry your duffel received during your briefing. Weight should be (10 kg/22.1 lb. total) including your sleeping bag and mattress (03 kg/6.6 lb.). For health and safety reasons the weight cannot exceed these recommendations.
  • Meals: We have yet to receive a complaint about the food or any of our chefs.  Your private chef provides delectable meals throughout your trek: 5 hot breakfasts. 5 Lunches and finally 4 dinners. The guide wakes you every morning with a hot drink, making everyday a good day on that trek. We also include afternoon tea on the Classic Inca Trail which is as equally impressive. Our chefs take pride in all dishes served.  Our chef and porters work in tandem, so that when you arrive at camp everything is set and ready to go.  We also provide a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Drinks like Maracuya or Chicha Morada, Pisco Sour Cocktail or a good selection of local beers and wines.
  • Water:  We supply bottled water for drinking every day after meal time. Make sure you fill up your canteen or camel bac on the first day.  We also stock our private van with bottled water for your comfort when commuting to different locations.
  • Taxes:  All prices include the 18% tax charged by the government

Luxury Amenities and Equipment:  

  • Hot Shower Tent with Towels: We supply a hot shower to clean up after every trekking day with complimentary towels.
  • Robe and slippers. we provide not 1 but two robes, one silk and the other cotton, as well as slippers. We want you to feel like you are staying in a luxurious hotel, instead of the great outdoors.
  • Private Chef, chef´s assistant and waiter: If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know at booking and we will gladly accommodate your needs. You will receive upscaling dining, with a waiter to cater to your needs. 
  • Dining tent and chairs: We provide a private communal style dining tent, to catch up on the day’s events and build some comradery with your fellow travelers. Eureka Copper Canyon, Kingcamp KC 2808 chairs.
  • Utensils: You will dine using Porcelain or ceramic crockery, glassware and unique stone or wood plates. 
  • Bedroom tent. Included are sleeping bags, Therma rest Mattress, cotton sheets, blankets and pillows Eureka Copper Canyon (maximum 2 pax). Tuck yourself in-between crisp white linen for the best night sleep off the beaten trek.
  • Specialized massage therapists:  We have massage therapist to accompany you on the Classic Inca Trail and it is at your disposal every evening when required. This is at no charge to you and another complimentary service from Glamping Peru.   
  • Portable chemical toilet: This is very important while trekking because the Government toilets can be less then sanitary. We set up  our clean waste toilet system a  comfortable  distance  from camp and  it has its  own private tent. 
  • Travel bag: This is a small complimentary bag, with travel size shampoo, conditioner and soap


  • Wayna Picchu: $85 USD
  • Walking sticks: $15 USD per pair for the whole trek
  • Last lunch after Machu Picchu
  • OPTIONAL UPGRADES: hotel or train
  • Hiram Bingham Train: $597 USD per person
  • Tips for your crew, guide, cook and porters (GLAMPING PERU TREKS staff receives a fair payment immediately after they finish their trip; tips are optional but they do greatly appreciate them)

**Huayna Picchu Mountain are optional treks within Machu Picchu Citadel which do not include a guide. The climb is usually done on your own after your tour of Machu Picchu Citadel. If you would like the extra hike to be guided, please request in advance. There is an extra cost for this extra guided tour.


Please read the following information carefully. It will help with your questions about our services and the Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu.


We will greet you at the airport in Cusco and take you to your hotel. Please ensure that you inform us of your flight details at least 14 days prior to your trek’s start. Look for our representative holding a board for Glamping Peru Treks at the arrivals terminal.


Your briefing will take place in the comfort of your hotel, after your arrival in Cusco.


Of course! During your Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu, you can store your main luggage at our office or at your hotel, whichever is more convenient for you!


FIRST, to book your  Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu, we need you to fill out our booking form by clicking on BOOK NOW on our homepage or click the link BOOK NOW.

Please be ready with the following information (FROM EACH PARTICIPANT in your group). We cannot purchase Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu tickets without the following information:

  • Personal information (your full name, exactly as it appears on your passport):
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • D.O.B. (dd / mm / yyyy)
  • Nationality

SECOND, we require a deposit of $500.00 USD per person in order to purchase your entrance to Machu Picchu and train ticket. You can make your deposit by clicking on the VISA or PAYPAL symbols on the top of our home page, or booking page.


To avoid the excessive credit card fees in Peru, you can pay in cash at our office (we accept US dollars or Peruvian soles) in Cusco. We have many ATMs within the historical center to withdraw money.  You can also pay by VISA or PAYPAL online but there is a 5.5% service charge, charged by VISA and PAYPAL.  To pay your balance through PAYPAL, you need to log into your PAYPAL account and use our email address glampingperutreks@gmail.com to complete the payment.


Unfortunately, the answer is No. Once the Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu and other tickets have been bought, the Peruvian government does not allow any changes. We can’t change the departure date after the permit & tickets have been paid for. Tickets are also not transferrable or refundable.

*** If you cancel your Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu, the deposit is non-refundable!


Yes! You have to bring your original passport as it is necessary to gain entry onto the Inca Trail, Machu picchu and other sites. You must have the same passport that you used to book with us from the start. 

In case, you are renewing your passport or changing your name, go ahead and send us your old passport information to secure your permit. We can change it when you get your new passport  or updated your name for a fee of $25 USD per person.  We must have a copy of your old and new passport to make the change.

If you do not wish to pay this fee, you will need to bring both your old and new passports with you to Peru.  You can enter Peru with your new passport but you will need to show both your old and new passports to enter Machu Picchu and other sites.  If you do not have both, you will not be allowed to enter into these amazing sites.


The weather is very unpredictable and difficult to foresee. We recommend you always dress in layers as that makes it easier to add on or take off clothing, while passing through the various microclimates which our beautiful region has to offer.


In general, if you exercise regularly and spend a couple of days in Cusco or the Sacred Valley, you will be able to acclimate normally.  It takes about 1 to 2 days for your body to adjust.

The recommended remedies for altitude sickness are: WATER, COCA TEA and OXYGEN (If needed). We train our guides to treat you for altitute sickness.


The Luxury Glamping 7-day Inca Trail Package to Machu Picchu is a fairly difficult and you should be well prepared and healthy prior to starting it. You have to be moderately fit and exercise regularly.  In preparation: try walking 15kms/9m a day or join a fitness club a couple of months leading up to the trek. It is also important to be well acclimatized to the altitude. Try to spend at least 2 or 3 days in Cusco (3,350m/11,047ft) prior to starting the trek. Always check with your doctor before traveling to Peru.


In the unlikely scenario that you are unable to finish the trek due to a health issue, Glamping Peru Treks will assist you to the nearest town for help with transportation. We always carry oxygen on the trek for any respiratory problems. In extreme cases, we can arrange for a helicopter pick up at your own expense. Travel insurance is required and recommended. There are no refunds in the unlikely situation that you are unable to finish the trek.
Generally, those we assist off the trail we take them to Ollantaytambo and if they recover quickly they can then continue the journey to Aguas Calientes (cost incurred by trekker) and visit Machu Picchu, according to the original plan.


If you’re happy with the services provided, a tip – though not compulsory – is appreciated. While it may not be customary in your country. It’s of great significance for the people who will take care of you during the trek. It inspires them to give excellent service and is an entrenched feature of the tourism industry across many Glamping Peru Treks destinations. Of course, you are free to tip what you feel is appropriate. Depending on your perception of the quality of  service and the length of your trip. Remember, a tip is not compulsory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.


Yes! Glamping Peru Treks is a local, sustainable & responsible tourism operator. We incorporate the universal principles of tourism: protect the environment and benefit the local communities by respecting their culture and religion. With this in mind, we have trained all our local staff to know, understand, and respect the places and its local people.


  • Original Passport (it has to be the same you have used for booking your trek)
  • Valid student card (if you booked as a student)
  • Good daypack (the smaller, the better)
  • Water storage:  2-3L reusalbe bottles (please do not bring disposable bottles)
  • Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support
  • Head lamp: essential
  • Toilet paper
  • Good rain gear


As a Direct Local Tour operator, we provide you with a duffel bag at your briefing and INCLUDE an extra porter, who will carry up to 7 kgs or 15 pounds including your sleeping bag, mattress and extra clothing. By Peruvian law, a duffel bag must not weigh more than 7 kilograms (15lbs). The government set the limit to protect the health of the porters or horses. We will weigh all bag before accepting them. If you require more than 7 kilograms, it will then be your responsibility to carry the extra weight with your day pack. In this 7 kilos, please count 2 kilos for your sleeping bag and 1 kilo for your sleeping pad. This leaves you about 4 kilos for your personal gear.

  • 2 t-shirts
  • 2 hiking pants at least
  • 4 sets of undergarments
  • 3 sets of hiking socks
  • 2 Fleece/ Thermals
  • Warm clothes, down jacket — 2nd campsite temp around 3º C.
  • Waterproof gloves (even if they are ski gloves, take them)
  • Comfortable shoes for camp
  • Quickdry towel. We provide small ones, you might prefer something larger.
  • Small bottle of soap: we provide warm water each day to wash.
  • Battery Charger: No electricity along the trek
  • Large plastic bags will be provided at the office — Please ask for them.


  • Face moisturizer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Personal medications
  • Personal first aid kit


We highly recommend a small backpack 30 to 40L for hiking in the day. A big backpack will not be allowed into Machu Picchu. The remainder of your belongings will be in your duffel bag at camp.

  • Water: Please supply your own water until the first lunch stop. Please brign your water bottles.
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Headlamp: essential
  • Wool hat
  • Rain gear
  • Fleece
  • Snacks like chocolate bars, cereal bars or dried fruit
  • Rain plastic poncho
  • Gloves
  • Camera
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Toilet paper and small plastic bag for waste
  • Extra money for souvenirs, drinks & tips

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Our camping equipment is top of the line being replaced when needed. Our camping equipment is available for rent as well.

Environmental Sensitivit

As one of the few tour operators that dedicated itself to social responsibility. We are always looking for innovative ways of caring for our natural surroundings.


9 Days

Luxury Glamping Inca Trail Package 9 days

9 Days From $3777 PP

Every activity you have ever dreamed of doing in the famous City and Region of Cusco Peru is included in this complete tour. It’s an all-in-one glamorous and luxurious adventure. Our amazing & authentic 9-day GLAMPING INCA TRAIL PACKAGE allows ....
4 Days

Inca Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu 4D/3N

4 Days From $2197 PP

The Inca Quarry Trek with Glamping Peru Treks is unlike any other! Our specialization is in trekking off the beaten track, while providing the most luxurious camping experience. Our Inca Quarry Trail Trek is a personally designed and unique trek, tak....
2 Days

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2D/1N

2 Days From $677 PP

This is the perfect itinerary for those who want to walk the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, but who are short on time or who prefer hotels to camping. Highlights on the 2-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu include the stunning Inca ruins, snow-capped mounta....