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Places You Visit with Glamping Peru Treks on the Sacred Valley Tour
• The spectacular viewpoint of the Sacred Valley (Mirador of Taray)
• The extensive Pisac Inca ruins, which have many impressive examples of Inca architecture
• The colorful local market of Pisac, where you can see local people who are keeping traditional culture alive
• A quick stop at Urubamba for lunch (not included in price)
• Zip Lining
• The famous Pre-Inca Salt Mines of Maras where naturally salty spring water is gathered in the same way it has been for hundreds of years
• The magnificent archeological site of Ollantaytambo and amazing views of the valley


Adventure, cultural and history


Private Guide, Driver, Trip Managing Expert

Activity Level



Minimum 2 people

Detailed Itinerary

We start the Sacred Valley & Zip Line Tour at 7:30am, when the guide picks you up at the Cusco hotel in our private van. Our route to the Sacred Valley of the Incas leads us to Pisac. The stop first at the Mirador of Taray to enjoy an expansive view of the Urubamba valley and its traditional farming villages. See how the agriculture in the Sacred Valley has changed little in the past five hundred years. Drive to the archeological site of Pisac, see an impressive Inca cemetery with more than 2,000 tombs. Admire the carefully engineered farming terraces carved into the mountain, explore the Inca tunnel and the religious area of this important citadel. Spend about 1 hour, exploring the Inca city. Then, we head down to the colorful market at Pisac.

Our next activity is the fascinating ZIPLINE experience. Soar through the skies of the Sacred Valley for an exhilarating ride.  Our hilltop-to-hilltop zipline tour is an amazing adrenalin rush for the thrill seekers. From Racchi Point (3 733m/12 247) indulge your senses in breathtaking panoramic views of the Sacred Valley. The lines vary in distance, ranging from 400 to 600m. Have time to enjoy the landscape, while experiences a full flying sensation. Get your fill of stunning views of the Sacred Valley with snow-capped mountain peaks, lush valleys and the river gently flowing down the valley.

Continuing on our journey to the colonial town of Maras, look down onto the pre-Inca salt “mines,” called salineras in Spanish. Thousands of salt pans have been passed down through countless generations and used for salt extraction since before Inca times. A hot spring at the top of the valley discharges a small stream of heavily salt laden water. It is diverted into salt pans and evaporated to produce salt. This is one of the few places in the world where you can find naturally pink salt!

Finally, we drive to Ollantaytambo, taking the time to explore the Inca village that has remained intact since Inca times and the massive Inca Ruins, with a tour provided by our guide. Visit the massive architecture of the Sun Temple at the top of the formidable terraces and learn about the importance of this site for the Inca during the beginning of the Spanish conquest. After the tour is done, drive back to the hotel in Cusco.

Ziplining through the Sacred Valley

The tour comes with all the necessary safety equipment. Included in the tour is a harness, helmet and gloves, which we recommend you keep on at all times. It’s an activity that suitable for all age groups. Along the way you will pass a suspension bridge, which required balance and a bit of upper body strength. Before starting your Zipline, a professional guide gives a safety briefing and advice on ways to maximize the fun factor of this experience.

Zipline is a high adrenaline activity and you will be strapped with ropes and harness. For these reasons we recommend that people with heart problems, serious medical conditions or pregnant women not attempt this.

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